Rare Flutes


Stephan Koch (Vienna)

Eleven-keyed flute stamped S. Koch / Wien   circa 1820

Description:  Three-Piece wooden (grenadilla) flute. Silver bands. Eleven silver keys to low b. Head joint is silver lined; tuning slide. The embouchure was recut while in the possession of Tony Bingham to restore to original dimensions. I was able to play a Koch in mint condition and compare to this recut Koch, and found the restoration work was excellent; the flutes sounded nearly identical.  The bottom three holes are covered by pewter plugs. The other keys are padded.  The g-sharp key was modified for ease of playing, but can easily be returned to the original configuration.

I purchased this flute from Tony Bingham August 1986. I have used it for many decades in professional concerts and recordings.  It is lovingly cared for. This flute is regularly serviced. It is in fine, playable condition. I love its strong colorful tone.  I am pictured playing this flute in concert in the ‘slide show’ at the top of this page.

Stephan Koch ( b Vesprin, Hungary, 1772; d Vienna 1828). Austro-Hungarian wind instrument maker.


Koch barrel ]Koch 11-keyed flute 




Handmade French model silver flute made in Boston April 1980.

Description: Soldered tone holes. .014″ tubing.  C foot, D# roller, inline G. Pitched at A0=-442. Cooper scale.  Cavallaro case cover.  WITHOUT a headjoint.

HISTORY:  I purchased the flute new in 1980 without a headjoint to serve as interchangeable with my existing identical Powell. A great flute in great condition and little used given its birthday. The opportunity exists to add ones own choice of headjoint to this fully professional flute.


Haynes Head Joint


Wm. S. Haynes head joint. Handmade, Professional solid silver. Made in 1960, the “golden age period” of Haynes flute-making. Marking “Arbor #9” inside under the cork. Thin wall. Beautiful tone with an easy high range. One small ‘ding’, otherwise perfect.   This head joint for sale: $400.

HISTORY:  This is from my first professional flute. I am the original owner.



Cloos Fife


This is a REPRODUCTION of a Civil war period military fife in Bb.  Rosewood with nickel-silver ferrules and an especially easy 3rd register.  This is the most traditional drum-corps fife, authentic for the Civil War Period.  Reproduction by Sweetheart flutes.  This fife for sale _   $125.

HISTORY:   Made for me in 1993.  One owner.



Beare & Son
4-keyed Small Flute

Beare & Son
Toronto & London
Made in England

Nineteenth-century wood ‘small flute’  from circa 1883. Possibly rosewood.  Unlined. High-pitched A-452 ‘English band flute’ in Bb. 32 cm in length (measured from the center of the embouchure hole to the end of the flute). Four ‘salt-spoon’ pillar-mounted German silver keys. Cork pads.  Three German-silver turnings, one at each joint.  Keys are well-placed and comfortable to find under the fingers.  Excellent condition.  It has a powerful low range – particularly strong low “d” – and plays exceedingly well in the first two octaves.

This small flute for sale: $700.

HISTORY:  Jan Boland purchased this small flute in Iowa City from a collector in December 1993.




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