Stephan Koch (Vienna)

Eleven-keyed flute stamped S. Koch / Wien   circa 1820

Description:  Three-Piece wooden (grenadilla) flute. Silver bands. Eleven silver keys to low b. Head joint is silver lined; tuning slide. The embouchure was recut while in the possession of Tony Bingham to restore to original dimensions. I was able to play a Koch in mint condition and compare to this recut Koch, and found the restoration work was excellent; the flutes sounded nearly identical.  The bottom three holes are covered by pewter plugs. The other keys are padded.  The g-sharp key was modified for ease of playing, but can easily be returned to the original configuration.

I purchased this flute from Tony Bingham August 1986. I have used it for many decades in professional concerts and professional recordings.  It is lovingly cared for. This flute is regularly serviced. It is in fine, playable condition. I love its strong colorful tone.  I am pictured playing this flute in concert in the ‘slide show’ at the top of this page.

Stephan Koch ( b Vesprin, Hungary, 1772; d Vienna 1828). Austro-Hungarian wind instrument maker.


Koch barrel ]Koch 11-keyed flute 


Haynes Flute



Handmade French model silver flute made in Boston March 1980.


  • Haynes #45720  Custom made professional French model silver flute, b foot, in-line G, gizmo, A-440. In mint condition. Never used. Custom made March 1, 1980. My technician leveled 3 pads and replaced corks and declared it in extraordinary condition (Sept 2022). Leather case in mint condition.


  • History: One owner. Mint condition. The owner left her career as a professional flutist shortly after this flute order was filled, and never played this flute. I have the original sales paper work.

    For Sale $4800






Cloos Fife


This is a REPRODUCTION of a Civil war period military fife in Bb.  Rosewood with nickel-silver ferrules and an especially easy 3rd register.  This is the most traditional drum-corps fife, authentic for the Civil War Period.  Reproduction by Sweetheart flutes.  This fife for sale _   $125.

HISTORY:   Made for me in 1993.  One owner.



Beare & Son
4-keyed Small Flute

Beare & Son
Toronto & London
Made in England

Nineteenth-century wood ‘small flute’  from circa 1883. Possibly rosewood.  Unlined. High-pitched A-452 ‘English band flute’ in Bb. 32 cm in length (measured from the center of the embouchure hole to the end of the flute). Four ‘salt-spoon’ pillar-mounted German silver keys. Cork pads.  Three German-silver turnings, one at each joint.  Keys are well-placed and comfortable to find under the fingers.  Excellent condition.  It has a powerful low range – particularly strong low “d” – and plays exceedingly well in the first two octaves.

This small flute for sale: $700.

HISTORY:  Jan Boland purchased this small flute in Iowa City from a collector in December 1993.




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