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Music for Flute, Viola and Guitar

Ø Indicates that this repertoire is recorded on compact disc by the Boland-Dowdall Duo.  The listed works form a central part of our repertoire, have received multiple performances, and are musically satisfying to both player and listener.

Spillville Variations on a Theme by Dvorak

for flute, viola (or cello) and guitar.

Received Honorable Mention –– Newly Published Music Competition of the National Flute Association in 2018.

A group commissioning project involving 15 Iowa composers.
Read about the project– a trio inspired by Dvorak’s American String Quartet.

Published by ALRY Publications.  For flute, guitar and viola. Ten of the variations have an alternate part for the cello.

Recorded on a compact disc titled Czech-Inspired released by Fleur de Son Classics.
Jan Boland (flute), David Miller (viola), John Dowdall (guitar)


Part One: Newly-commissioned works for flute, viola and guitar. All works are Red Cedar Chamber Music’s commissions and premieres.

Bloesch, Peter. Christmas Suite (2005) Pub: ALRY Publications.

Ø Owen, Jerry. Trio Concertant after Czech Folk Songs (2002. Pub: Indian Hill Road Music.

Ø Owen, Jerry. Gypsy Inspirations (2003) Pub: Indian Hill Road Music.

Owen, Jerry. Swing Fugue and Fantasy Variations on a jazz theme for flute, guitar and double bass (2004) Pub: Indian Hill Road Music.

Ø Simpson, Andrew Earle. Tesserae: Six Mosaics of Ancient Rome (2004). Read about the project.

Ø Simpson, Andrew Earle. American Gothic Suite (2004).  Read about the project.

Ø Sollberger, Harvey. Spillville (2006). Read about the project. Pub: American Composers Alliance.

Part Two:  19th-century music

Ø Beethoven, Ludwig van. Serenade Op. 8 (1770-1827) arr. W. Matiegka (in ca. 1804)

Diabelli, Antonio. Serenata Concertante Op. 105 (1895-1968)

Ø Dvorak, Antonin. Humoresque (arr. Boland)

Ø Kummer, Gaspard. Serenade Op. 81 (1797-1879)

Ø Kummer, Gaspard. Serenade Op. 83 (1797-1879)

Ø Matiegka, Wenceslaus. Nocturne Op. 21 (1773-1830)

Ø Matiegka, Wenceslaus. (1773-1830)

Ø Matiegka, Wenceslaus. Grand Trio (1773-1830)

Ø Mozart, W.A. The Magic Flute (1756-1791) arr. A. de Loyer

Ø Molino, François. Grand Trio Concertant Op. 30 (1768-1847)

Ø Molino, François.Second Grand Trio Op. 45 (1768-1847)

Molino, François. Three Trios Op. 19 (1768-1847)

Ø Molitor, Simon. Trio Concertant Op. 6 (1766-1848)


Boland Dowdall

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