Educational Programming


The Boland Dowdall Duo has long been dedicated to bringing music to underserved populations when and where they normally meet. It is not uncommon for the Duo to perform nearly 100 educational events each season. Partnerships with the City of Marion, the Marion School District, the Cedar Rapids School District gave the Duo the means to reach deep into the community.

Under the auspices of Red Cedar Chamber Music, Boland and Dowdall is a multi-year recipient of a Chamber Music America Residency Partnership Program Grant with funding provided by the Chamber Music America Residency Endowment Fund.

Music for Kids:  Educational events in individual classrooms for grades K-12.  Projects are tied to existing curriculum and classroom goals

Music in Libraries:  For extended families in Eastern Iowa. Brings family-friendly concerts to libraries in Linn County, Iowa. Attracts extended families, home schooled children, preschoolers, library patrons on a Saturday afternoon.

Music for Seniors: Brings interactive music events to senior citizens when and where they normally meet. Senior citizens often cannot go out at night to a traditional concert setting, so we go to them during the daytime hours, often at senior residential facilities.

Chamber Music Now!   For exceptionally talented young musicians _ to work in concert with professionals. Gives talented high school and college students the opportunity to make music as peers with professional musicians. After a series of intense rehearsals, performances are given in libraries and schools.

Production Floor Performances:  For workers in offices and factories. Workers gather in the lobby for a noon- time concert, or simply leave the doors of their offices open to let the sound waft up three stories.

Music for Seniors. Photo by Len Struttmann.

What is the public response?

. . .This is only my second non-rock concert, but I really enjoyed it!

FROM KIDS. . .. . .
. . .I learned to pluck, pick and strum. Thanks for coming to my school.
. . .Thank you for your little musical. I have heard of Mozart.
. . .I enjoyed the concert. Me and my friend was laughen at the love song.

. . . My 3-year old loved it and her attention “drift” was almost zero. Excellent!
. . . They did a wonderful job of making the instruments come alive for the children.

A child plucks the guitar after a Library Concert.


Chamber Music Now! student Joanna Cochenet performs with John Dowdall.


Production Floor Performance in the lobby of Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


A child closes teh holes of Jan’s flute and students show us if the tone created is higher or lower. Jan Boland (flute) and John Dowdall (guitar) in an event for third graders in Mr. Tompsen’s music classroom.


Music in Libraries: A curious child is given special attention at a family concert.

Music in Libraries

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