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 Tromlitz. The Keyed Flute. edited & translated Ardal Powell. Trans. Hardcover (Pub: Clarendon)   New. Hardcover. 268pp   $65 plus shipping


Powell, Ardal. The Flute. (Pub: Yale Univ. Press) New. Hard cover. $65 plus shipping


De Lorenzo. My Complete Story of The Flute. (Pub: Texas Tech) Revised and Expanded edition, 1992. Paperback. New. 660pp      $40 plus shipping


Boehm, Theobald. The Flute and Flute Playing. (Pub: Dover) paperback. New condition. 197pp  $4 plus shipping


Bate, Philip. The Flute (Pub: Norton) Hard Cover. New. 288pp $15 plus shipping


 Dorgeuille, Claude. Trans. Blakeman. The French Flute School 1860-1950. (Pub: Tony Bingham, 1983) paperback. New condition. 138pp   $45 plus shipping


Weisberg, Arthur. The Art of Wind Playing (Pub: Schirmer) hardcover 145pp First edition, 1975. New condition.  $25 plus shipping



Flute Music


Most music in new condition.  Available in sets only.

Shipping only available to USA addresses.

SET 1A    Flute Alone   $40   plus shipping

Marais, Marin. Les Folies d’Espagne (Pub: Barenreiter) new

Stamitz  Eight Capricen (Pub: Peters)   one page with pencil marks

Holcomb 24 Jazz Etudes for Flute with CD. (new)
               with accompanying compact disc

Holcomb In the Garden. Three Soliloquies for Flute Alone with CD        new
               with accompanying compact disc

Wigglesworth, Frank. Lake Music for solo flute (Pub: Marion Music) pencil marks

FREE with above set 1A

Telemann Fantasies 13-24 transcribed for flute (Pub: Southern) new
Gustafson, Christine. Variations on Jesus the very thought of Thee for solo flute New


 SET 5    Flute Studies/Method  $45   plus shipping

Collection: 59 Selected Studies for Flute Book One. (Pub: Schuberth) edited Jay Arnold.   Includes
       Koehler 26 Studies Op 33
       Anderson 18 Studies Op 41, 
        Terschak 11 Studies Op 75
         Bach Sonata a minor for solo flute.

Collection:  55 Selected Studies for Flute (intermediate-Advanced) (Pub: Schuberth)  edited Jay Arnold            
         Schade 14 Caprices,
         Koehler 9 Studies Op 33,
          Briccialdi 2 Studies from Op 31,
          Karg-Elert 30 Caprices Op 107

Hans-Peter Schmitz Flotenlehre Bk1 (Pub: Barenreiter) out of print

                Comes with separate English translation. 120pp Few pencil marks. Old cover.

Hans-Peter Schmitz Flotenlehre Bk1I  (Pub: Barenreiter) out of print

               Comes with separate English translation. 115pp New condition.


 Set 9 :  Bach (Johann Christian) 18th-Century Chamber Music:   Musica Rara editions. All new.  $30 plus shipping

Bach, J.C. Quintet in C op 11 no. 1. For flute oboe violin, viola and Continuo.

Bach. J.C. Quintet in F Op 11 No. 3 for flute oboe, violin, viola and continuo

Bach, J.C. Quintet in A Op 11 No. 5 for flute oboe, violin, viola and continuo.


Set 10   Flute Duets $20 plus shipping

 Hugot. Trois Trios Concertants (Pub: La flute Galante) new

 Telemann Six Kanonic Sonatas   (Pub: Peters)

 Petrassi Dialogo Angelico (Pub: Suvini Zerboni)

 Bach, W.F. 6 Duets for two flutes (Pub: Kalmus) new

 Monticlair Six Sonatas Vol II (sonatas 4,5,6) (Pub: Muller)   new

 Telemann Six Sonatas 2 flutes (Pub:   Mercury) used

 Free with above set 10a

Jaffe, Gerard. Wedding Music for flute, clarinet and piano (Pub: Southern)


 Set 11 Flute Quartets 4 titles Set 11   $40 plus shipping

Berthomieu, Chats for 4 flutes, one of them in G. (Pub: Billeaudot)   For 3 c-flutes and one alto flute.

Faure. Cantique de Jean Racine For 4 c-flutes and piano (Pub: ALRY) new

Frackenpohl. Flutes Four for 4 flutes and piano. (Pub: Shawnee) new.  For four flutes and piano with optional rhythm accompaniment.

Reicha. Sinfonico Op 12 for 4 c flutes. (Pub: Cundy-Bettoney)

Boismortier Three Concertos for Five Flutes  (Pub: Kalmus)  Nos. 4-6.  score and parts.  New


Set 12  Flute and Organ   11 titles   Most have pencil marks   $75 plus shipping

 Weaver, John. Rhapsody for flute and organ. (Pub: Boosey)                            

 Martin, Frank. Sonata da Chiesa for flute and organ (Pub: Universal)              

 Alain Jihan, Trois Mouvements for flute and organ (Pub: Leduc)                        

 Badings, Henk. Dialogues for flute and organ (Pub: Donemus)                         

 Brown, Rayner. Sonata for flute and organ (Pub: Western International)                      

 Hovhaness. Sonata for flute and organ (Pub: Peters)                                        

 Leicht, Arno. Sonate for flute and organ (Pub: Zimmermann)                           

 Pinkham, Daniel. Miracles for flute and organ (Pub: Schirmer) SCORE            

 Rohlig, Harald. Christmas Music for flute and organ (Pub: Concordia)              

 Stockmeier, Wolfgang. Meditationen for flute and organ (Pub: Moseler)                      

 Studer, Hans. Petite Fantaisie Pastorale for flute and organ (Pub: Barenreiter)

 Free with purchase of Flute & Organ set above:

Berlinski, Herman. Adagietto for flute and organ (Pub:   Southern)

George, Thom Ritter. Pastorale (Pub: Southern)

 Reicha. Sinfonico Op 12 for 4 c flutes. (Pub: Cundy-Bettoney)



Set 13  Eastern European   (most Hungarian
FREE WITH PURCHASE OF $100 or more of above music. (buyer pays shipping)

Lang, Istvan Dramma Breve for alto flut solo    (Pub: Musica Budapest)  Hungarian New

 Szervanszky, Endre Fuvola-Trio for flute, violin and viola. (Pub: Musica Budapest) Hungarian Parts and Separate miniature score   New                    

 Sandor Balassa Dimensioni for flute and viola. (Pub: Musica Budapest) Hungarian. Two full performance scores   New

 Durko, Zsolt Colloides for flute and String Quartet (Pub: Musica Budapest) Hungarian  New

 Sary, Laszlo Sonatini No. 2 for flute and percussion (Pub: Musica Budapest) Hungarian Two full performance scores       New

 Janitsch, Johann (1708-1763) Sonata da Camera in C Major for flute, vln, oboe, continuo (Pub: Musica Rara) Polish  New

 Brun, Herbert Sonatina for solo flute (Pub: Israeli Music) Israeli _Pencil marks







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