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Shipping only available to USA addresses. 

De Lorenzo. My Complete Story of The Flute. (Pub: Texas Tech) Revised and Expanded edition, 1992. Paperback. New. 660pp      $40 plus shipping

Boehm, Theobald. The Flute and Flute Playing. (Pub: Dover) paperback. New condition. 197pp  $4 plus shipping

Bate, Philip. The Flute (Pub: Norton) Hard Cover. New. 288pp $15 plus shipping

Weisberg, Arthur. The Art of Wind Playing (Pub: Schirmer) Hard cover 145pp First edition, 1975. New condition.  $25 plus shipping


Flute Music

Most music in new condition except where noted.  Available in sets only.

Shipping only available to USA addresses.

SET 1    Flute & Piano   



Set 12  Flute and Organ   11 titles   Most have pencil marks   $75 plus shipping

 Weaver, John. Rhapsody for flute and organ. (Pub: Boosey)                            

 Martin, Frank. Sonata da Chiesa for flute and organ (Pub: Universal)              

 Alain Jihan, Trois Mouvements for flute and organ (Pub: Leduc)                        

 Badings, Henk. Dialogues for flute and organ (Pub: Donemus)                         

 Brown, Rayner. Sonata for flute and organ (Pub: Western International)                      

 Hovhaness. Sonata for flute and organ (Pub: Peters)                                        

 Leicht, Arno. Sonate for flute and organ (Pub: Zimmermann)                           

 Pinkham, Daniel. Miracles for flute and organ (Pub: Schirmer) SCORE            

 Rohlig, Harald. Christmas Music for flute and organ (Pub: Concordia)              

 Stockmeier, Wolfgang. Meditationen for flute and organ (Pub: Moseler)                      

 Studer, Hans. Petite Fantaisie Pastorale for flute and organ (Pub: Barenreiter)

 Free with purchase of Flute & Organ set above:

Berlinski, Herman. Adagietto for flute and organ (Pub:   Southern)

George, Thom Ritter. Pastorale (Pub: Southern)

Reicha. Sinfonico Op 12 for 4 c flutes. (Pub: Cundy-Bettoney)

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