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Music for Flute & Guitar

The listed works form a central part of our repertoire, have received multiple performances, and are musically satisfying for both player and listener. Ø Indicates that this repertoire is recorded on compact disc by the Boland Dowdall Duo.

When did the flute and guitar as a chamber duo catch on in the United States? This question, among others, prompted Lisa Schroeder to write an essay The Flute and Guitar Duo: The Development of an Equal Partnership (University of Iowa, 2015)


Music flute and guitar Boland Dowdall

The Red Cedar Collection
for flute and guitar

Pub: Theodore Presser Co.
(catalogue number 144-40414)


Ø A collection of six original works for flute and guitar by six composers; each was inspired by a work of visual art from the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Museum of Art.  Recorded on a compact disc titled The Red Cedar Collection –– released and available from Fleur de Son Classics (NY).
•  David Leisner El Coco (The Bogeyman, 1999): Inspired by Francisco Goya’s Que viene el Coco.
Jerry Owen Hidden Tango , 1999:  Inspired by Mauricio Lasansky’s Spring.
Gary Schocker Caution to the Wind (get over it), 1999:  Inspired by Malvina Hoffman’s Bacchanale Frieze.
John Thow River Bend for alto flute & guitar, 1999:  Inspired by Marvin Cone’s River Bend.
Robert Lindsey Nassif Dear Departed, 1999:  Inspired by Marvin Cone’s Dear Departed.
Jonathan Chenette Fast Track, 1999: Inspired by Sam Gilliam’s Fast Track.

“. . .  an  innovative commissioning project. While all contemporary in sound, [the variations] feature a range of styles and influences, from modal, improvisatory pieces to Copland-inspired works.  I’ll be hunting out the relevant sheet music (and artwork) in due course.”  Elizabeth Green, Pan (London)

“In Caution to the Wind (get over it), New York composer Gary Schocker gives breathless and lilting interpretation to Malvina Hoffman’s “Baccanale Frieze.” Rebecca Lindwall, The Gazette (Cedar Rapids)


The Celtic Collection
flute and guitar.

arr. Jan Boland & John Dowdall

Pub: ALRY Publications



 Fanny Power, Margret’s Waltz, South Wind, Untitled Reel, & Swinging on a Gate.


Parlor Music Vol. I
The Foster Collection
for flute and guitar

arr. Jan Boland & John Dowdall

Pub: ALRY Publications 

A Winner of the 1996 Newly Published Music Competition of the National Flute Association. Instrumental music from Stephen Collin’s Fosters Social Orchestra arranged by Boland & Dowdall for flute and guitar. Includes dance tunes like Jennies Own Schottish and ballads like Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair. Rated easy-medium. All of the music in this edition can be found on a compact disc recording on the Koch International Classics label titled Home Sweet Home: Parlor Music from the Civil War.


Boland Foster Ballads for flute and guitar

Ballads for flute and guitar
The Foster Collection Vol. II

arr. Jan Boland & John Dowdall

Pub: ALRY Publications

National Flute Association_ Newly Published Music Finalist 2002. Three lovely songs by Stephen Collins Foster arranged for flute and guitar so that they may take on a Celtic flavor.  All music in this edition can be found on a compact disc recording titled Crystal to Gold – on the Fleur de Son Classics label FDS 57932.  Recording is on period instruments.
Ø  Maggie by my Side
Ø  Old Memories
Little Ella 

Flute Guitar Facsimiles Boland

Flute & Guitar Facsimiles
from the Romantic Salon

edited: Jan Boland & John Dowdall.

Pub: Falls House Press / Theodore Presser

A collection of three multi-movement works in facsimile edition from the Romantic Salon – a set of waltzes by Hummel and two opera potpourris. Recorded on compact disc titled Giuliani, Hummel, et al. on period instruments by the Boland-Dowdall Duo , on the Titanic label Ti-161.


Ø  Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Six Waltzes for flute & guitar. [Short, charming and easy.]
Ø  Giacomo Meyerbeer, Les Huguenots (1836).  [Opera arias set by a 19th century arranger Arnold for flute and guitar.]
Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber,  Zanetta (1840).  [‘Favorite’ opera tunes set by a 19th century arranger for flute and guitar.]


Banks of Ayr_Boland

The Banks of Ayre
for solo flute

edited: Jan Boland.

Pub: ALRY Publications

A Scottish folk tune with variations from Patterson’s New Preceptor (1839).  This is not a work for flute and guitar, but a fun Celtic piece I wanted to include on this website.  For flute alone.  Consists of a theme and two variations. The fun comes when the player creates Celtic ornaments and style to bring this little piece alive.

Other Selected Works for flute & guitar 

Bela Bartok Rumanian folk dances .Pub: Universal (UE 18661).
Robert Beaser, Mountain Songs. Pub: Helicon Music Corp.
John Dowdall, Christmas Medley of 19th-Century Carols.  Pub: Alry fg6
Mauro Giuliani,  Grand Duo Concertant op. 85. Pub: Zimmermann and/or Tecla Facsimile Edition.
Mauro Giuliani Grande Serenade op. 82. Pub: Belwin.
Mauro Giuliani, Leichtes Duo Op. 77. Pub: Zimmermann.
Ø Francois Joseph Gossec, Tambourin arr. Almeida. Pub: Brazilliance Music
Ø Katherine Hoover, Caprice, 1999. Pub: Papagena Press.
Jacques Ibert Entr’acte for flute & guitar. Pub: Leduc.
Ø Libby Larson Blue Third Pieces for flute & guitar (2000) Pub: Oxford University Press.
Luigi Legnani, Duetto Concertante Op. 23 for flute & guitar. Pub: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni.
Ø F. Molino, Nocturne Op. 38 for flute & guitar.  Pub: Breitkopf.
W.A. Mozart, Six Arias from the Magic Flute. edited by Allen Krantz. Pub: International Music Co. #3465
Ø Jerry Owen, Meshquanowat (Red-Tailed Hawk). Written for Boland-Dowdall Duo. Pub: Acoma-Nambe Edition, PO Box 1261, Station I, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M403E5.
Ø Jerry Owen, Intimate Dances for flute & guitar. (1982) written for Boland-Dowdall Duo). Pub: Southern Music.
Ø Pierre-Joseph Plouvier, Serenade IV from Trois Serenades. 19th-c. facsimile from the Paris biolioteque nationale. Pub: Jan Boland
Wilhelm Popp, Hungarian Dance.  arr. Boland-Dowdall Duo. Pub: Jan Boland.
Astor Piazzolla, Histoire du Tango for flute & guitar. Pub: Editions Henry Lemoine.
Erik Satie, Gymnopedies No. 1 & 3 for flute & guitar Pub: Zalo Publications.
Ø Andrew Earle Simpson, Fireflies: A Folk Set for Flute and Guitar.
Andrew Earle Simpson, Winter-Night Canticles.
Ø Franz Schubert, Original Dances for Flute or violin & Guitar.  12 waltzes arranged in the 19th c. from Schubert’s piano pieces–perhaps by Schubert) Pub: Universal.

Boland Dowdall

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